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God is showing John a glimpse into what will "soon" take place in the prophetic end-times.

The story is being told as Jesus unrolls a giant scroll, one chapter at a time. Each chapter is secured with a seal that only Jesus is authorized to open.

Future events consist of "judgements" that will be rained on the unrepentant disobedient people who are left behind on earth, after the Christians are taken out at the Rapture.

We have looked at the first 7 seal judgements in previous articles. The last seal judgement is subdivided into 7 trumpet judgements. So far, we have reviewed the first 6 trumpet judgements.

The 7th trumpet judgement will be subdivided into 7 bowl judgements.

We are currently looking at some activities that will occur between the 6th and 7th trumpets. In chapter 10, we studied the little book and the 7 thunders, whose words were suddenly censored by God. In chapter 11, we learned about the two witnesses, who were eventually killed, then miraculously brought back to life and taken up to heaven as the world watched.

We are now ready to get into chapter 12, which talks about the woman, the child, and the dragon. 


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"If God had a refrigerator, he’d have my picture on it."

I heard one of the TV preachers make this statement recently. It perfectly describes the love of God for his creation, his loved ones, his children.

Most of us have pictures of our kids, our grandkids, our pets, on our refrigerator.

By having their pictures on the fridge, it reminds us of those we love.

We had so many pictures, we had to get a bigger refrigerator to hold the snapshots - "kodachrome" from the bottom of our hearts.

And, we don’t just have one picture - we have photos at every stage of growing up (growing old?). We have infant pictures, we have toddler pictures, we have sports pictures, we have girlfriend/boyfriend pictures, we have high school pictures, we have wedding pictures, we have the best pictures of all, grandkids.

Oh, and let’s certainly include the pictures of those cute little puppies and kittens, and chronicle their lives through to big-dog (big-cat) pictures. Our pets have a very big place in our hearts.

Parents, grandparents, pet-parents, have a deep abiding love for their kids, and having life-pictures of them readily visible is one way to keep them in our hearts and on our minds.

God is our Heavenly Father, we are his kids. To the extent we love our kids (and pets), and have a desire to keep their pictures in front of our faces, on the refrigerator door, God has infinitely more love for us - and keeps our pictures on his refrigerator.

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In the current Be Ready article, I talked about Operation Eagle, which is a fictional story of how God may intervene to save the Jewish people during the Great Tribulation.

Operation Eagle was the dramatization in one of the Left Behind books about a group of brave pilots who risked their lives to airlift the Jewish remnants out of the grasp of the ruthless dictator. They miraculously ferried the people to the mountainside caves of Petra, therefore fulfilling the prophesy in Revelation 12:14 ("… the woman was given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to her place …").

Operation Eagle was named, of course, for the majestic eagle, known for its strength and speed, and for its ability to fly high and fast for long periods of time.

The eagle is a proud bird, soaring above the clouds, nesting in sanctuaries high in the mountain peaks - a symbol of power and stability and grandeur, and yet graceful in flight.

The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. On June 20, 1782, the Continental Congress adopted the design for the Great Seal of the United States depicting a bald eagle grasping 13 arrows and an olive branch with its talons.

The bald eagle appears on most official seals of the U.S. government, including the presidential seal, the presidential flag, and in the logos of many U.S. federal agencies. Between 1916 and 1945, the presidential flag showed an eagle facing to its left, which gave rise to the urban legend that the flag is changed to have the eagle face towards the olive branch in peace, and towards the arrows in wartime.


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