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                                  REVELATION (Part 6)

We begin this month with the sixth seal, found in Revelation 6. By this time, John’s head must be exploding. He is learning some pretty profound stuff, and he has been commanded to pass it along to future generations.

In the first four seals, John recorded the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. These dastardly demonic riders terrorize the inhabitants of the planet, leaving it under the control of a worldwide dictator, causing the people to be in general desperation of the times in which they live, bringing on global famine and scarcity, and resulting in the death of a fourth of the population of earth.

The fifth seal discloses the cry for revenge of Christian martyrs who were beheaded for having turned away from the global dictator and turned to Jesus, during the few years following the mass exodus of believers from the earth.

The next seal further emphasizes God’s desire to make us aware of the coming judgement, along with the opportunity to get back in his good graces, through repentance and restoration. He is willing to literally "shake the heavens" to get our attention.

Starting in verse 12, John describes unprecedented cosmic disturbances, giving rise to the term "acts of God".

The first "mother nature" event is "a great earthquake". Well that was kind of anti-climactic! I mean, we have earth quakes all the time. But, if I were a betting man, I would be willing to wager that this is no ordinary run-of-the-mill earthquake. As we will see in later verses, the inhabitants of earth got the message.

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                                  THREE GREAT PREACHERS

Preachers don’t get the appreciation they deserve. They have the highest calling of God to instill into the hearts of people in their sphere of influence the greatest story ever told.

No pressure there!

Kind of like the pressure John felt when God committed to him the task of telling the world what the end-of-days would look like.

John did not fail God. These three great preachers did not fail God.

I want to tell you about three of the greatest preachers I know, and how they are fulfilling God’s mandate to "make disciples of all nations".

My first great preacher is my older brother. And when I say "older" brother, I mean it. At the ripe old age of 87, he stands in the pulpit every Sunday and Wednesday, proclaiming God’s word to all who will open their ears and "hear His voice".

He could have, perhaps should have, hung it up over 20 years ago. But he feels led by God to continue shining His light to the people of Southern California.

Praise the Lord for that kind of willing servant.

My next great preacher is my former pastor. In addition to preaching the Word from the pulpit for over 30 years, he hosted a daily radio talk show, broadcasting to a national audience.

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                                                THE NEIGHBORS COWS

We live in the middle of a cow pasture. The pasture does not belong to us, so we are able to enjoy the beauty of God’s handiwork, and his crazy cow creatures, without paying taxes on either the pasture or the cows!

Even though the cows do not belong to us, we care for them almost as much as the owner. We give them fresh grass clippings when we mow. We buy day-old bread for them regularly.

When one of the cows gets out of the pasture fence, it heads straight for the road. We immediately chase after the stray cow and "encourage" it to go back into its fenced-in home. We’ve been out in the street at midnight many times, chasing a wayward cow back home.

It dawned on me the other day that God cares for us like we care for our animals (or in this case, our neighbor’s animals).

He makes sure we have enough to eat – he even provides "manna" directly from heaven sometimes.

He knows when we get outside our "pasture" and onto dangerous "country roads". He provides guardian angels who help us get back home safe and sound.

That provision is there for us, whether we realize it or not. God loves his creatures (including us) and will provide the necessary "care and feeding".

Being so close to a cow pasture, we have watched the miracle of birth on many occasions. We can always tell when a cow is about to deliver.

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